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Our walls are lined with the very best in line to serve you. We carry bulk supply to spool your reels on the spot. We also carry spools large and small for you to take with you and spool yourself. We've got you covered the whole way hook, line & sinker. O.K. throw in the weights and bobbers too! It's all on our walls and shelves from the smallest for panfish to the largest for stripers. We carry a wide assortment of tackle to meet your fishing needs.


Full line of bait for both freshwater &

Good quality, reasonably priced
rods, reels, and tackle.

When it comes to lures you'll find our selection of reasonably priced plastics and lures hard to beat.



Cleaners, Fluids, Preservatives



Service & Repairs

Heading out for some fun in the sun? Why not take us along?Well not us exactly, we wouldn't want to impose, but how about the fantastic water sports products we sell to help you have fun and keep safe doing it! We offer a complete line of water sports products for the entire family! including type 1 life vests, kids floatation life jackets, knee/wakeboards, water skis, tubes, ski line / tow ropes, ski gloves, etc. All from a number of manufacturers and if you want something we don't stock we'd be happy to special order it for you. Stop in and check out our stock and catalogs! We feature Calcutta and Berkley plastics in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs for both saltwater and freshwater. We also offer a great selection of lures such as large saltwater plugs and T-Man Tubes to Rapala and Bomber lures in a variety of styles and colors. We carry the following manufacturers in stock.

Whether your preference is saltwater fishing for stripers, blues, fluke and the like or freshwater for bass, trout walleye or panfish, we carry a wide assortment of economically priced rods and reels to meet your fishing needs. We have rods, reels and combos that will satisfy the beginner as well as the most advanced angler. Stop in a peruse our selection or if you know exactly what you want give us a call and let us price it out for you. We stock the following brands and can order many others.

Fishing – our passion

Many people throughout the world choose fishing for the tranquility it offers when one is close to nature. With various types of fish you can catch and the wonderful landscapes you can discover, you will definitely appreciate this fun activity. From amateurs to professionals, every person will have a memorable adventure. Spend some peaceful days with your loved one on the shore of a lake or on a sailing boat and have a good time together.

One of the best benefits this sport can offer you is relaxation. You can sit in your chair and feel the sense of freedom the natural surroundings give you. It is the perfect stress reliever after a bad day at work or when you need a change of scenery. Nothing will bring you more serenity than a day spent in the middle of wildlife. Choose your basic equipment from Tom's Marine Bait & Tackle and start your quest.

Whether you go fishing as a pastime or you practice your skills for future competitions, do not be surprised when it becomes an addiction. From the first time you put your bait on the hook and catch a fish, your heart will be filled with excitement than even a night on http://www.camplace.com will not give you. You can take pleasure in the warmth of the sun while you challenge your skills and focus on the goal.

Let your passion take you to spectacular places. Take your family and children on a vacation on water and explore the beautiful sceneries while you create long-lasting memories out of your recreation. You will feel a great satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Fishing makes you break out of your comfort zone and plays an important role in your personal development no matter the age. You never know when you might catch a trophy fish and break a new record.

Fishing fulfills the need for socialization and camaraderie. It can help you strengthen your bonds with your family and make new friends. You can also share your fishing experience with others and enjoy your time together. Talk about interesting things with your buddies and detach yourself from work and other worries. Reconnect with your childhood days when life was easier and more relaxed. Take your father for a trip and relive those fantastic times.

From local to international events, take part in the numerous fishing tournaments and angling competitions. You can get outside and test your abilities or why not, your luck. All participants can win prizes based on the weight of the fish species and the time needed for the catch. As wild species of fish are very healthy due to the low fat, do not hesitate and eat the most delicious lunch. You will surely get lost in the flavorful taste.

Fishing has always been a need but also a passion for the mankind. Regardless if you go on holidays with your friends, or you compete in a contest, there is no doubt that you will love the benefits of fishing. Play with your kids, take shots of the stunning landscapes and fill your lungs with fresh air. Get ready for another week at work with help from this relaxing hobby. Explore the wild places and have fun fishing!